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Everything in our agency starts with complete research and a diagnostic report on your product or service so we can determine what your unique selling proposition is. In other words, what do you have to offer that other people don’t offer? What is unique about your product in design, features, construction and uses that set you and your product apart from the competition.  From here we start building our Advertising Plan with Strategies for your success. and this will determine which forms of Advertising and Promotions are best suited for you.

Once we understand what it is that you have to offer customers we gather information about your customers, or, The Market.  In order to succeed in selling your product, your Market must be definable, sizable and reachable. We have to know as much as we can about your ideal customer, how many of them there are, and how we can reach them with advertising, marketing and promotional communications.  We do our Market Research for you with surveys, questionnaires and focus groups so that we can determine what your ideal customers’ expectations and desires are of of your product. In other words, how does your product or service benefit your customers and how will it improve their lives?

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Once we know what your customers want, and how they get their information, we build an Advertising Plan that targets your message through the most appropriate advertising media, and we give you the best ad men in the industry to design an advertising and promotional campaign that will get your message through to the greatest number of your ideal customers so that they understand the benefits of your product.

This is what great advertising is all about, and we are all about great advertising.

Our Services

Market planning and strategies and Market research including surveys, focus groups and analytics
Print advertising for magazine, newspaper and periodicals
Publicity, public relations, media relations, promotional media services including community press relations and press releases
Direct mail services including printing, list research and procurement, and mailing
Radio spot production and media placement, show sponsorship opportunities
Video commercial production, editing and cable, independent or network media placement
Interactive marketing including web design and production, complete SEO services. ecommerce, and banner and Google Adword campaigns
Social media, reputation and brand management
Direct E – Mail campaigns including production, list procurement and broadcasting with analytics
Outdoor, billboards, signs, bus benches Transit advertising including bus and auto wraps and banners, jet trail messages, blimp and dirigible messages
Media placement research, media sales for all forms of advertising
Licensing merchandising of Intellectual Property
Book and magazine publishing and distribution worldwide
Concept marketing, ad specialty and 3D printing